Will Rodriguez-Kennedy Has Been Hospitalized

Democrats for Equality,

Late yesterday, our club’s immediate past president and current Democratic Party Chair Will Rodriguez-Kennedy posted on social media that he has been hospitalized at the VA Medical Center.

Unfortunately, Will has been symptomatic over the last couple days including muscle aches, coughing, difficulty breathing, chills, nausea, among other awful things.

Doctors at the VA Medical Center are concerned that his CT scans show signs of COVID-19.

Personally, this heart-wrenching.

Will is like a brother to me, and no one enjoys seeing the people you care about endure this level of pain, sickness, and suffering.

We have been in contact every day as always, and as much pain as he is in now, I know Will — he’s a fighter. He’s suffered through war, sexual harassment, homelessness, personal and political defeats, and me (for as insufferable as I can be sometimes).

On behalf of the club, we want to offer our thoughts and healing vibes to Will in the hope of a healthy recovery.

Here are his updates from last night:

According to San Diego County officials, there are 131 confirmed cases as of yesterday. 63% of the cases locally are those between the ages of 20 and 49. You can check data monitored from the County on their website here.

Quoting Will from last night: “Youth does not spare you from this disease.”

Councilmember Dr. Jen Campbell reached out yesterday and offered her thoughts as a medical professional:

Hi Ryan – just want to be sure that our members are aware that anyone can have the virus and be without symptoms. If they have it, they are shedding it and can give it to others without even knowing it. That is why we have to have the universal self quarantine. If we had testing, we would know who is negative and who is positive but given the lack of responsible action of our current Federal Administration, we don’t have the capability of testing our people. So everyone – stay self-quarantined!

Many studies were done in China when their outbreak occurred and that’s how we know this information. Also, Councilmember Montgomery told me she watched a special on Iceland and they tested all their people and half of those who were positive did not have symptoms! In China, the non symptomatic usually became ill about 6.5 days later. They infected their entire households.

Many of the people sick now in the US are between 21-65 yrs old. This is a virus that doesn’t care how old or young you are. Be responsible and stay away from others!

It’s best to heed the advice of Dr. Jen, and our local medical professionals on this crisis. Please take this disease seriously.

We are all monitoring the day-to-day on the Coronavirus pandemic. If anything changes, especially with Will and/or Steve, we’ll be sure to let you know!

Again, please send positive thoughts, healing vibes, and well-wishes to Will, Steve Padilla, and their families during this time.

Please be safe and healthy,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality