Trans Allyship, Activism, and Resources

Democrats for Equality,

With many thanks to the activism and education of our executive boardmembers Dr. Andrea Cubitt and Shane Parmely, last year we updated our club’s candidate questionnaire to reflect more relevant questions on specific issues relating to our transgender community.

Throughout our endorsement process over this 2020 election cycle, I also want to thank my fellow Democratic club president and club member Temika Cook for asking recurring questions to our candidates about transgender youth.

While there have been some very well-researched answers and policy proposals that have been discussed whenever the question is asked, it has been brought to my attention several times that some candidates — however, well-intentioned their responses have been — have lacked some basic understanding and knowledge on issues relating to our transgender community.

And I say this, so that we may use this as a learning opportunity for our club members, our candidates, our elected officials, and anyone else out there who may otherwise not even be cognizant to these concerns from our transgender community.

It does not mean you are the worst person in the world for not knowing — but a better understanding and an education can only serve to not just increase our awareness, but make all of us better allies, friends, advocates, and family.

This week, we updated our club’s website to include a page for Transgender Resources and Guidelines. We hope you find this information helpful.

Again, our candidates and elected officials are expected to have:

  • A basic understanding of LGBTQ social justice issues,
  • Are able to respectfully communicate to transgender and non-binary individuals, and
  • Can speak to specific policies and initiatives that they intend to implement in their respective jurisdictions to better serve LGBTQ youth and address transgender homelessness and transphobia.

We also included several, very informational slides on how our broken criminal justice system has failed our transgender community and LGBTQ people of color.

If there’s anything you feel we might be missing to include on this resource page, feel free to reach out and let us know.

I would be remiss on this e-mail not to at least acknowledge the recent coming out of club member Josie Rose Caballero. On behalf of our executive board, we want offer her as much support and power as she needs to find her voice during this process.

There are countless individuals who often struggle with their own process of coming out, whether it’s their sexuality or gender identity. As difficult as that may be, we hope that it’s so much easier when there is a loving, caring, accepting family there to welcome you in open arms.

Family doesn’t have to be blood relatives. Family is what and who you make it with, and we hope Josie finds that family here whenever she needs the extra love and support.

Finally, I want to let you all know that the South Chapter of the San Diego Progressive Democratic Club has invited us to co-host a panel they’ve assembled on the topic, “Trans Allyship and Activism” and will take place this Monday, July 27th at 6:00pm.

This panel will include our executive board members Dr. Andrea Cubitt and Shane Parmely, the aforementioned Josie Caballero, and Jae Red Rose. There will be an informal Q&A discussion after presentations.

If you’re interested, please register at the Zoom link here.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality