Todd Gloria Leading the Way! Also, Canvass w/ Raul Campillo on Saturday!

Democrats for Equality,

We are on the cusp of making LGBTQ history.

This week, a San Diego Union Tribune/10News poll shows our endorsed Mayoral candidate Todd Gloria with a strong lead heading into the Primary Election.

We know Todd’s story: son of a maid and a gardener. Native American, Filipino, Latino, Dutch, and gay. Elected to the City Council. Elected to the State Assembly. Assembly Majority Whip.

Longtime club members like Todd make history — and nothing would mean more following in the legacy of Al Best and Neil Good, than it would be to elect our city’s first openly LGBTQ Mayor.

So, let’s make this historic campaign happen together! We are locking down dates for a club canvass in a couple weeks.

Speaking of canvassing… this Saturday, we are hosting a canvass for Raul Campillo, our endorsed candidate in City Council District 7. We’ll be meeting at 10am at the Serra Mesa Library (9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, 92123).

The campaign in Council District 7 will be one of the top contests this year. The Chamber, the Lincoln Club, and the Republican Party are hoping to keep this seat in their column come November.

Whether it’s being inspired by Don Quixote, poor representation from their current councilmember, or not reading the voter registration tea leaves, but Trump’s party is facing (as of the beginning of the month) a 13-point registration deficit and third-party status.

This week at a community forum between the candidates, the Republican Party’s endorsed candidate publicly stated their opposition to renewable energy as far as San Diego city policy goes. Republicans are going to Republican, I guess.

This seat is winnable. Our endorsed candidate Raul Campillo is a standout, and I want to encourage our club members to come out strong for him this Saturday. Again, we will be meeting Saturday at 10am at the Serra Mesa Library (9005 Aero Drive, San Diego, 92123). See you there!

By the way, we are almost at the end of January. Let’s hope the rest of the year goes this quickly!

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality