Show Some Love to Charda Bell-Fontenot

Democrats for Equality,

On behalf of the Club I would like to show some much-needed love and support to La Mesa School Boardmember Charda Bell-Fontenot.

Charda is literally under attack for speaking some truth at a recent school board meeting. For whatever reason that escapes logic and mental acuity, some people just didn’t like what Charda had to say — so, they decided to clutch their pearls, faint onto their IKEA-bought SÖDERHAMN chaise lounge, and do their best Phyllis Schlafly impression.

There’s apparently talk of a recall — let’s be real, that’s all Republicans have as a crutch nowadays.

Charda spoke some truth. Some people couldn’t handle the truth. Truth is, we love you Charda and we’ve got you.

If any of my fellow Democratic club presidents are interested in co-hosting a virtual rally in support of Charda, let me know. We can get one scheduled and show her some love and support.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his)
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality