February 2017
(02/27/17) NEWS | San Diego Republican Council Members Play Politics with Civil Rights
(02/16/17) LGBT Weekly: San Diego City Council Votes to Join Lawsuit Against Trump’s Travel Ban
(02/14/17) Times of San Diego: In 8-1 Vote, San Diego Backs Wash. State Challenge of Travel Ban
(02/14/17) San Diego Jewish World: San Diego City Council to Fight Trump’s Travel Ban

January 2017

(01/29/17) FOX 5 San Diego: Protest to Trump’s Travel Ban Grows in Second Day at Lindbergh Field
(01/29/17) KPBS: Protesters Gather at San Diego Airport to Protest Trump’s Immigration Order
(01/28/17) CBS 8: San Diegans Hold Protests and Meetings in Response to Trump’s Ban
(01/10/17) OB Rag: San Diegans Vote for Change in Democratic Assembly District Elections
(01/04/17) Times of San Diego: San Diego Parade Fails MLK’s Ideals, Says Black Activist Harris

September 2016
(09/16/16) Dems for Equality Get Large Grant

August 2016
(08/31/16) KPBS: San Diego LGBT Democrats Launch Voter Registration Drive
(08/04/16) LGBT Weekly: After the DNC: A Clear Choice for the LGBTQ Community and the Country

July 2016
(07/14/16) San Diego Union-Tribune: Two San Diego Trump Delegates Say Gays ‘Can Be Cured’

June 2016
(06/08/16) Voice of San Diego: Three Reasons Chris Ward is the Next D3 Councilman
(06/06/16) OB Rag: It’s the Primary – Progressives – and Time to Vote!

May 2016
(05/03/16) San Diego Free Press: Papa Doug Donation Rocks D3 City Council Contest
(05/02/16) Voice of San Diego: Manchester Donation Highlights a Big Question for D3

February 2016
(02/23/16) SDGLN: Dr. William “Bill” Beck, LGBT Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 74

January 2016
(01/29/16) KPBS: Opposition Builds Against San Diego Televangelist Project

October 2015
(10/30/15) Gay San Diego: LGBT ‘Dems’ Four Decades of Progress and Fun

March 2015
(03/27/15) Chris Ward: Pledging to Continue a Legacy of LGBT Leadership in District 3


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