Out-ober and National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day!

I came out to close friends and family in high school. I was blessed with good friends and family but honestly I still lived a pretty closeted life. I joined the Marine Corps, served in silence and then I was outed. Forced from the closet by a fellow Marine which led to the greatest struggle of my life. In 2008 I was forced to come out to the world. I paid a price for that, I struggled, was homeless, experienced depression and despair.

In the depths of that struggle which had significant consequences on the next few years of my life I decided to fight. San Diego and the LGBT movement saved my life and the result of the activism forged the person I am today.

As a leader and as a comrade in the struggle for justice it is my duty to tell that story because while I have prevailed over this adversity there are many, even in this country, for which the price of being out can be too high and all too often that price is met in blood.

So for anyone who has struggled to this point and for anyone who struggles still: You deserve equality, you deserve dignity, you deserve justice and from my small perch in San Diego, you have an ally in me.

In Solidarity.

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality