Our Friend, George Murphy

Dear Democrats for Equality,

Last night during our club meeting, many of us learned about the passing of George Murphy, one of our founding club members.

George was also a founding member of Lambda Archives, our San Diego LGBT Community Center, and contributed greatly to the betterment of his Ocean Beach community.

Lambda Archives interviewed George in 2014 about his activism and history within our LGBTQ community, which you can view at this link. He was a recipient of their Heroes, Pioneers, and Trailblazers Award in 2011, and mentioned at the time that he was most proud of his part in the creation of the San Diego Democratic Club (as we were known then).

“I was one of the 20 signatures needed to get the club going,” Murphy told Lambda Archives. “And since its inception, the club has done great things and has really made an effort to educate people.”

Our San Diego LGBT Community Center highlighted a number of George’s achievements on their Facebook page yesterday:

George Murphy remained a core leader, supporter, and volunteer in our LGBTQ community for 50 years. George served as one of a dozen leaders who founded The Center. He went on to serve on the early Center Board, and continued his a leadership by serving on The Center’s Senior Advisory Committee; he was also a beloved leader at Metropolitan Community Church.

In one of The Center Board of Directors most historic votes, he made the motion in 1980 to add “lesbian” to The Center’s name, then the Gay Center; he felt it was important for him, as a gay man to make that motion and open our doors to lesbians and to the women in our community.

George will be deeply missed by so many in our community and will be remembered for his decades of good work that built our San Diego LGBTQ community, and his special gift to make everyone feel welcomed.

The Center also honored George with the Jess Jessop’s Founders Award in 1993, and as a recipient and honoree of the Wall of Honor in 2008.

I hope you will join us in keeping George Murphy and his immediate family in your thoughts as we remember our friend, and our brother.

George has given us a legacy of activism to aspire and live up to.

May he rest in power.


Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his)
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality