Orlando Strong: We Remember

Democrats for Equality,
Today is a rough day and I hope that my words might meet the measure of its significance:
I am reminded of a tragedy that struck at the core of my being. The attack on Pulse consumed me in June 2016. It was an attack on people I grew up with, in a club that played a vital role in my development as an out gay man and while the lives are abstract to many who honor them, two of them are very real to me.
Our community has a solemn duty to carry on. To fight against the hatred that seeks to harm us. To fight on for justice and equality. To honor the sacrifice of those slain for the crime of being who they truly were. We must carry that burden.
Every day we must commit ourselves to stand up and fight, to honor and remember, to resist and persist; and while today marks a day in which my heart was broken by hatred, it is also a day that sharpened my resolve and strengthened my passion for the intersectional quest for justice.

Yesterday, across the country our community marched for Equality. Locally, in San Diego over 5,000 gathered to demonstrate their solidarity and their pride in the face of a global, national and state by state struggle for justice and equality. It was a good moment, but it our responsibility to turn these moments and this passion, into change and we will rise to that challenge, together.

In Solidarity.
Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality