On Valentine’s Day: Show Your Love by Taking Action!

Democrats for Equality,

On Valentine’s day there is no better way to demonstrate the power of love and that love trumps hate than to stand with our Muslim brothers and sisters.

For years, Club Member Marilyn Riley has been building relationships with the Islamic community here in San Diego. Our sister and former Democrat For Equality Field Organizer Nooria Al Faizi organized voter registration drives with the specific goal of empowering Muslim voters, our brother and ally Fayaz Nawabi helped build power for the Muslim community as he organized a huge get out the vote effort which swept the AD 77 ADEM elections for our coalition and Luqmaan Bokhary, President of the San Diego County Young Muslim Democrats organized at his school against the T**** regime’s Muslim Ban.
Tomorrow, we must join together again to encourage our city council to join the lawsuit on the recent travel bans.
If you can attend, please arrive BEFORE 9:30am to reserve your spot under public comments. San Diego City Council meets at the City Administration Building at 202 C Street on the 12th Floor in downtown San Diego.


In Solidarity.


Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality