On Behalf of Our Newly-Elected Board, Thank you!

Democrats for Equality,

On behalf of our newly-elected board, thank you to all of our club members for the opportunity to lead San Diego Democrats for Equality into the next year.

Personally, it was a unique challenge taking over the reigns last year from Will Rodriguez-Kennedy — he left some big shoes to fill. I am grateful for the faith and trust you have put in us to be just as successful.

At our club meeting last night, you officially elected me to a full-term as Club President — unopposed — to continue to lead one of the largest Democratic clubs in Southern California.

My humble heart can’t express the words at the moment how much that means to me, and I can only promise to continue to grow and expand our club even further.

“Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” but it’s so much less heavy when you have amazing people, friends, and family beside you to help make the leadership part so much easier.

I am beyond excited to work with all of our new officers and board members who were elected tonight. Although he wasn’t feeling 100% last night, I’m confident that our new second-in-command Ryan Darsey will thrive and give 100% as Vice President for Resource Development.

It’s not lost on anyone that we still struggle as a society — and as the Democratic Party — in doing our best to elevate women and encourage women to step-up and lead.

Our club has struggled with that in the past, too.

Among the 16 individuals who have served as our club’s president before me, only 4 have been women: the late Gloria Johnson, the legendary Jeri Dilno, The Honorable Paula Rosenstein, and the amazing Andrea Villa.

Strong women have always been a bedrock foundation of our club, and in our leadership. To the extent that we need to continue to elevate women in politics, I find enormous pride in the fact that we have elected Angel Godinez as Secretary, Rickie Brown as Sergeant-at-Arms, Sunday Gover as North Area Representative, Coyote Moon as South Area Representative, and of course re-elected Michelle Krug as Member At-Large.

Together, they join Susan Guinn as Vice President for Political Action, Melinda Vásquez as Controller, Dr. Andrea Cubitt as Member At-Large, and Evlyn Andrade as East Area Representative.

All these amazing women join Ben Aguilar as Metro West Area Representative, Brandon Coopersmith as Member At-Large, and our Immediate Past President Will Rodriguez-Kennedy in constituting our 2020 Board of Directors. We will install our new executive board next month on Thursday, March 19th. Details forthcoming — we might be planning something special.

When I first joined the executive board of Dems 4 Equality, we had 2-3 women as board members.

Today, we have 9.

Our executive board includes a member from our trans community, and a member identifying as non-binary.

This is what progress looks like.

This is what America looks like.

As we head full-force into the 2020 elections, we have a lot of work to do. We have elections to win, policies to implement, and causes to advocate for. We are at our best when we elevate others towards success.

So let’s continue to elevate others, together.

Again… on behalf of our newly-elected board… thank you!

Love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality