No Meeting This Week + CADEM Convention Update

Democrats for Equality,

Friendly reminder: No club meeting this week!
The California Democratic Party’s annual convention was a blessing and a curse.
Blessings to see thousands of active and renewed interest in working to help build and strengthen our party. There were over 2,900 votes cast to elect our new state party officers.
Despite a spirited and close Chair’s race, we elected the first LGBT state party chair. We also elected a young Democrat — the first in more than 30 years — as state Secretary. Here’s our new CDP Party Officers:
  • Chair: Eric C. Bauman
  • Female Vice Chair: Alex Gallardo-Rooker
  • Male Vice Chair: Daraka Larimore-Hall
  • Secretary: Jenny Bach
  • Controller: Dan Weitzman
Also, congratulations to our Club President Will Rodriguez-Kennedy who was unanimously elected State Parliamentarian of the California Young Democrats.
Some of our other club members had much success in California Young Democrats elections, including:
  • Kelvin Barrios was re-elected as Political Director,
  • Jennifer Sosa was re-elected South State Regional Director,
  • Mary Latibashvili was elected as California College Democrats Vice President of Membership, and was elected as CYD Women’s Caucus Southern Vice Chair,
  • Stephen Shepard founded and was elected Chair of the CYD Technology and Innovation Caucus.
Our club members make history, and this past weekend’s convention continued to prove that.
With San Diego Pride coming up in just a few weeks, we’ll be doing an aggressive membership drive to get all of our club members to renew — and hey, maybe we’ll bring in a couple more!
For those club members who have recently joined or renewed, you’re good to go! Just remember as we move forward that everyone’s club memberships will expire on June 30th.
Finally, we should acknowledge the 87th birthday of Harvey Milk on Monday.
Harvey’s activism may have been well before the years of today’s LGBT activists, but his spirit and fight for justice continues to inspire and guide new generations of activists in the collective fight for equality and social justice.
Happy Birthday, Harvey — and thank you.

In Solidarity.

Ryan Trabuco
Vice President for Resource Development,
San Diego Democrats for Equality