NEWS | San Diego Republican Council Members Play Politics with Civil Rights

Councilmembers Scott Sherman, Chris Cate protest common decency with their vote and absence

Contact: Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
Phone: (619) 709 – 0675
Date: February 27, 2017

San Diego, CA: San Diego Republican council members play politics with a simple, non-controversial vote meant to support the equality of the transgender community.

For the second time this month, Councilmember Scott Sherman shamed himself, his city and his district and chose to vote against common decency for his fellow human beings in support of bigoted policies from his party’s leader and the nation’s current president.

Meanwhile, Councilmember Chris Cate “protests” a duly scheduled council meeting in order to go on a partisan rant against a city attorney defending the civil rights of transgender children.

“If the Councilmember wants to waste his personal staff’s valuable, taxpayer funded time to engage in partisan politics or if he feels he no longer has to attend duly scheduled council meetings then he is perfectly free to resign from council.” Said Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, president of the San Diego Democrats for Equality. ”

Members of the LGBT community packed the room in solidarity in support of the proposed amicus brief and encouraging the city council to “Stand with Gavin” the subject of the lawsuit. Councilmembers Cate, Zapf and Kersey were notably not present.

Councilmember Cate, who is up for reelection this cycle issued his whiny press release following the meeting from his office, using taxpayer resources to promote a statement from a partisan LGBT organization, the Log Cabin Republicans San Diego, in attempt to shield his shameful “protest” at the expense of taxpayers and transgender youth.