Equality doesn’t just happen. It is achieved by the persistent efforts of dedicated individuals and organizations. Since 1975, the San Diego Democrats for Equality has been in the forefront of local LGBT political activism by working to elect candidates who support LGBT equality and lobbying for legislation to help achieve that goal. Please support our efforts by joining the San Diego Democrats for Equality today.

Stonewaller (General Member) [1] ($40):  Stonewallers are members in good standing with right to vote on all matters coming before the membership including election of officers [2], endorsements [3], administrative and general issues, and resolutions. General members may also serve as officers, on Club committees and upon appointment by an Executive Officer, represent the Club with non-Club events and groups.

Associate ($40):  Individuals who are not registered and do not intend to register as Democrats or are registered as No Party Preference or with another registered political party may become Associates of Democrats for Equality. Associates are not considered members and are therefore ineligible to vote, hold a position as Club officer or to represent the Club at Democratic Party activities.

Activist (Limited Income Member) ($20):  Economic means should not be an impediment for participation in San Diego Democrats for Equality. People who are unemployed, disabled, seniors (65+) on a fixed income, full-time students and others facing financial hardship may take advantage of this level. Activists or Limited Income Members have all rights and privileges listed under General Membership above.

Silver Stonewaller (Formerly Sustaining Member ($125):  In addition to all the rights listed above, Silver Stonewallers received invitations to at least two complimentary receptions per year to hear the latest on equality politics and other issues from elected officials and notable guests. Past guests have included members of Congress, State Legislators, City Council Members, Democratic Party officials and journalists.

Golden Stonewaller (Formerly Sponsoring Member ($250):  In addition to all the rights listed for Silver Stonewallers, Golden Stonewallers receive occasional invitations to parties and special events as opportunities arise. Past events have included events with dignitaries such as former Member of Congress, Barney Frank. Sponsoring Members also receive complimentary admission to the Freedom Awards and recognition in the Award’s program.

President’s Circle (Formerly Patron Member ($500):  A President’s Circle Member receives all rights and privileges for Golden Stonewallers except that President’s Circle Members receive two complimentary admissions (rather than one) to the Freedom Awards and separate recognition in the Award’s program book. President’s Circle Members are also receive ongoing recognition in the Club’s eNews.

Join San Diego Democrats for Equality using a credit/debit card by clicking on the appropriate button below. If you prefer, checks/money orders[4] made out to Democrats for Equality can be mailed to:  San Diego Democrats for Equality,  PO Box 33050,  San Diego CA 92163.

[1] Any person who is a registered Democrat, or, if unable to register, is at least sixteen years of age and expresses the intent to register as a Democrat, and who subscribes to the stated purpose of San Diego Democrats for Equality, shall be eligible for membership in the Club.[2] Voting for Club officers is limited to those persons who were current members as of Nov 1, (before the January election) provided they are also current on the date of the election and, those whose membership expired between August 1 and Oct 31 and renewed within 90 days of expiration.

[3] To be eligible to vote for endorsement of a candidate or ballot proposition, a member must have been a member in good standing at least 25 days prior to the meeting. A recently lapsed member, whose membership expired within 65 days of an endorsement meeting shall be able to vote upon payment of dues, whether in advance of or at an endorsement meeting.

[4] Because Dems for Equality is involved in political activity, neither membership dues nor donations are tax-deductible. Checks must be drawn on an individual account. Membership dues paid on a business, corporate or organization account are not acceptable. We are required to report occupation and employer for members/donors so please include your occupation and employer with your check. Additionally, the Club requires an email address to send meeting notices and the Club’s weekly newsletter. Email, street address and telephone number are appreciated.