Endorsement Alert for January 2020

Democrats for Equality,

Last night’s endorsement meeting resulted in several new additions to our list of club recommendations for the March 3rd Primary Election. This was our last endorsement meeting before the primary.

We considered all remaining candidates running to be our party’s nominee, and no candidate reached the required 60% threshold for endorsement.

However, club members in attendance voted to rate two candidates as “qualified” to be the next Democratic President of the United States: Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Given that our club membership is large and diverse, of course there were passionate feelings about a number of our Democratic presidential candidates. There is a strong consensus that should anyone eventually end up as our nominee, that any of our candidates would stand strong in stark, and superior contrast and comparison to what we have now in the White House.

That being said, both Senators Sanders and Warren received an overwhelming amount of support from our club members, and were voted as “qualified.”

If it means anything, club members unanimously voted to rate Donald Trump as “unacceptable.” Dude needs to be removed by the U.S. Senate — but, we probably just better pin our hopes on ensuring his 1-term atrocity stays a 1-term atrocity. We may be taking a trip out to Arizona to ensure we unseat him — and pick up a U.S. Senate seat — this November.

In the Carlsbad special election, club members voted to enthusiastically endorse Cori Schumacher for City Council in District 1.

We also considered several judicial candidates, and have endorsed in the following races:

Also, for the contest for Office 36, we have rated Shawn McMillan as UNACCEPTABLE.

Finally, we adopted the following positions on state and local measures that will appear on the March 3rd Primary ballot:

  • Proposition 13 (Statewide): Support
  • Measure B (San Diego County): Oppose
  • Measure C (City of San Diego): Support
  • Measure D (City of San Diego): Support
  • Measure E (City of Chula Vista): Support

It should be noted that Proposition 13 is *not that* Proposition 13. The proposition we are supporting is a corporate tax that will help fund local government. Also, club members were inconclusive in their support and opposition to Measure A that we have decided to not take a position on that measure.

For a full list of our club’s Primary Election endorsement recommendations, please check out our 2020 Endorsements page here.

This concludes our endorsement meetings prior to the March 3rd Primary Election. Between now and Election Day, let’s get out there and help support our endorsed and qualified candidates win — oh, and defeat those we have deemed rated as “unacceptable.”


Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality