Donald Trump + Gary Kreep = Shawn McMillan. McMillan is Unacceptable!

Democrats for Equality,

2/8 UPDATE: The San Diego County Bar Association issued their evaluations for 2020 judicial candidates, and in this election for Office #36 they rated Shawn McMillan as “Lacking Qualifications” — their lowest judicial rating possible — defined as “not possessing professional ability, experience, competence, integrity and/or temperament indicating ability to perform judicial function.”

Meanwhile, the SDCBA rated our endorsed candidate Michelle Ialeggio as “Exceptionally Qualified” — the SDCBA’s highest judicial rating — and is defined as “possessing exceptional professional ability, experience, competence, integrity and/or temperament indicating an exceptional ability to perform the judicial function.”

More information about the San Diego County Bar Association can be found on their website at:


Judicial races are important.

Right-wing conservatives have used the courts to pack judges onto the bench with the goal of exerting a political agenda that continues to rule against people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, labor unions, and others — often times against the clear majority of voters who wish the judicial system to be fair, unbiased, and competent.

In recent memory, San Diego County voters elected Gary Kreep as a Superior Court Judge without knowing the kind of temperament he’d have as a judge. Less than 4 years into Gary Kreep’s term, the California Commission on Judicial Performance announced that he was being charged with judicial misconduct.

Prior to Gary Kreep’s election in 2012, all the signs about his possible temperament were there — spelled out on social media, in the press, and throughout the campaign as Kreep shared racist and “birther” conspiracies against President Obama.

It was enough for the Washington Post to take notice in 2016 by saying, “After he became a judge, Kreep was known for insulting defendants, commenting on the physical appearance of female attorneys, and making unnecessary references to people’s ethnicity during court hearings…”

Gary Kreep lost re-election in 2018 by 22 points, and Voice of San Diego has the full story about that election.

This year, San Diego County voters will go to the polls in another judicial election and we are facing the prospect of another right-wing fanatic on the bench — and if there’s any question about temperament in this case — the signs are all there again, spilling out on social media, in the press, and throughout the campaign again.

Shawn McMillan is the new Gary Kreep, running for San Diego County Superior Court Judge for Office 36. In similar fashion to Kreep, he has shared anti-LGBTQ, anti-women, and other troubling, right-wing content on his social media.

If sharing questionable material content and making eye-raising comments on social media was not enough, the San Diego Union-Tribune noted in this editorial, “his responses to a questionnaire from The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board raise questions about whether he has the temperament to be a judge.”

Like the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego Democrats for Equality has endorsed his opponent Michelle Ialeggio, and we have rated Shawn McMillan as “Unacceptable.” We highlighted all our judicial endorsements, as we made them, on our website and through our social media.

Unfortunately, some of McMillan’s fervent supporters, and family members, have inundated our endorsement in this specific contest with negative, often threatening comments. It’s been an admirable task removing some of the more negative ones. Hate and threats will not be tolerated on our club’s content.

Here is a brief collection of Shawn McMillan’s right-wing posts made from his social media:

Enough judicial temperament for you? Let’s look at some of his tweets, in his own words, of course:

Let’s note that Andrew Eneim is pursing his Ph.D. in biomedical research, and spent a summer doing research at Stanford University on creating new treatments for Tuberculosis. Andrew’s inspiring 2019 commencement speech at UC Riverside touched on his humble beginnings and challenges by being a young Latino, applying to colleges, and then to be racially discriminated against after being told that he, “just didn’t look that smart.”

By the way, GO ANDREW on studying biomedical research! We need more of that please!

However, the take away of this speech from Shawn McMillan, in his own words, reads like an every day Tweet from Donald Trump. “Obnoxious,” “divisive,” “hates white people.”

Because when you’re being discriminated against by someone, the person doing the discriminating is apparently the victim? That’s some messed up logic. Certainly not the type of logic that deserves to sit on the bench of the San Diego County Superior Court.

Let’s take a look at some more tweets shall we? In Shawn McMillan’s own words:

So, do we file this temperament under “male aggression,” or perhaps “women, abuse of” might be appropriate too?

How… judicial? I guess?

Again, San Diego Democrats for Equality has endorsed his opponent Michelle Ialeggio, and — like Gary Kreep before him, and Donald Trump — we have rated Shawn McMillan as “Unacceptable.”

Let’s elect fair, unbiased, and competent individuals to serve as judges in our San Diego County Superior Court system.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality