Darrell Issa Eyes Return to Congress

Democrats for Equality,

Those rumors you’ve been hearing are true… Darrell Issa is eyeing a return to Congress.

Now, before you start thinking, “Mike Levin will crush him…” the Washington Post is reporting that Darrell Issa is launching an exploratory committee for the 50th Congressional District, currently held by the indicted one himself… Duncan Hunter.

Darrell Issa looks to join a host of right-wing conservatives including presumably Duncan Hunter, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, defeated Escondido Mayor Sam Abed, a Temecula city councilmember, and a couple of failed perennial candidates.

Reuse and recycling are good for the environment, but let’s not reuse/recycle old politicians… especially those old politicians overtly hostile to the environment, or to the LGBTQ community.

Obviously, we could all save ourselves the trouble and elect Ammar Campa-Najjar. To donate and/or volunteer for Ammar’s campaign, please visit his campaign website here.

In other news, NBC News reported a couple of weeks ago that the Log Cabin Republicans endorsed Donald Trump for re-election. The ensuing fallout has been… in a word, delicious.

Earlier this week, NBC News also reported that the group’s national executive director has resigned. This also follows the resignation of a board member, and their Washington D.C. chapter president announce that they were leaving the organization.

You know… I could sit here and write a fairly lengthy thesis about all of this. And I started to. Oh, believe me… it was juicy. However, all those words, paragraphs, and biting bon mots now exist only in my memory.
Clearly, the Log Cabin Republicans have made their choice for President: Donald Trump.

Say what you will about our Democratic candidates for President, none of them are as transphobic, as queerphobic, as heartless, as cruel, or as racist as Trump and his administration has been.

That being said, the San Diego Democrats for Equality will have the opportunity at our November meeting to make our choice for President known. At our next meeting, we will discuss using ranked-choice voting to come to that consensus given the number of candidates running.

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, September 19th — and we’ll be again starting at a special time: 6:30pm. The meeting will be at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest.


Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality