Club Member Highlight: Georgette Gómez

Georgette Gómez is the daughter of working class immigrants, and learned at an early age the importance of giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate. After attending Serra High, she earned a B.A. in Environmental and Natural Resource Geography from San Diego State University, and worked to become the Associate Director of the Environmental Health Coalition where she led the fight against neighborhood polluters, advocated for stricter laws on lead paint that threatened the health of children, and helped expand affordable housing for seniors and low income families.

Gómez is the first LGBTQ Latina elected to the San Diego City Council. During her first year, she began holding community office hours at the City Heights Recreation Center, supported numerous events that celebrated our immigrant and refugee communities, presented a resolution in opposition to Donald Trump’s Border Wall, and made a significant impact in housing policy by proposing a variety of new housing regulations intended to encourage an increased supply of housing.

Georgette Gómez was recently named Chair of the Metropolitan Transportation Systems (MTS) Board of Directors. She is also an elected ADEM delegate for the California Democratic Party, and has been a longtime club member, at one time serving as our club’s Vice President for Political Action.

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