Club Meeting This Thursday!

Democrats for Equality,

Friendly reminder about our club meeting this Thursday, August 15th at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest (3900 Vermont Street).

We will be starting our meeting at a special time —6:30pm — so we can get through the endorsements we have scheduled (calendar here).

Also, if you still have not renewed your club membership for the next year you may do so here. Since we moved to a set date for membership renewals, all club memberships run through June 30th of every year.

Speaking of endorsements, our friends at the San Diego County Young Democrats and San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action have starting going through their process for endorsing candidates, embracing the style of ranked-choice voting.

A number of our club members, who are also members of both clubs, have asked me recently if San Diego Democrats for Equality would consider adopting this process for our endorsement meetings.

What is ranked-choice, what? I don’t understand this!

Great question! Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is whereby voters, in this case club members, would rank candidates by preference on their ballots.

So for example, if a candidate should win the endorsement threshold (60% in our case) of first-ranked votes, they obviously would be endorsed. If no endorsement threshold is reached, the candidate with the least number of first-ranked votes is eliminated, but the ballots cast for that candidate’s second-ranked choices would be distributed.

That process is repeated and so forth until a candidate would receive the number of votes necessary for an endorsement.

The immediate benefit to this instant-runoff system would be that club members would only need to cast one ballot — saving precious paper and trees — and, it would likely also save time, instead of waiting around for possible second, third, or sometimes fourth rounds of voting.

My concern with this would be, after having just endorsed a number of candidates through one process, then mid-way through our endorsements having to take the time to develop, propose, vote-on, and switch to an entirely different process.

I could see that being considered unfair to those candidates and campaigns that we have already considered, and then putting an entirely new system in place for those who still need to be considered by our club, again mid-way through our process.

That being said… personally, I am not opposed to the switch maybe after we get through our endorsements for the Primary Election. Or, and this is an idea, but possibly opening the discussion about using our Presidential Primary endorsement as a guinea pig for ranked-choice. Given the number of candidates that will likely still be in the race by the time we consider, that might be a solid option.

I would like to think that Democrats for Equality has been a fair arbiter of our democratic process through our endorsement process thus far. Some might say otherwise, but those people can go pound sand… and the beach isn’t far, so they can make a day trip out of it.

However, it also doesn’t matter what I think. The question is: what do you think? This decision rests with our club members, so let me know your thoughts, and I’m sure we can discuss this further at our club meeting.

Finally, so many of our club members came out to remember Cindy Green at Coronado Beach & Dog Park last weekend.

Toni Atkins posted on Twitter: “What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. I know Cindy would have been happy to see so many loved ones come together for a celebration of life.

There are still plans cultivating for a larger community-oriented celebration of life in the next couple of weeks. We will keep you up-to-date on that as more information becomes available.


Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality