Club Issues Endorsements for Congress, Supervisor, and City Council!

Democrats for Equality,

Last night’s marathon club meeting resulted in several more endorsements for the 2020 election cycle!

We are proud to have endorsed two of our amazing congressional representatives for re-election: Scott Peters and Mike Levin.

Mike Levin has more than convinced us that he is willing to fight for the residents of his district and our region in Congress, as well as work towards moving important legislation forward. Although our club has an awkward history with this race, our club members were overwhelmingly enthusiastic to endorse Congressman Levin for re-election.

Of course, Scott Peters has been a longtime member of our club. We are very appreciative of his work as a champion for the LGBTQ+ community and reproductive justice, as well as consistently fighting for high safety standards and wages for working families.

Our club members also voted to endorse Kenya Taylor for County Supervisor in District 2. Kenya has been a champion for youth, families, and seniors in East County for over three decades. Her passion for justice and improving quality health care and access for struggling families in our rural communities is the type of advocacy we need more of in county government. For more information about Kenya Taylor’s campaign and to sign-up to volunteer and/or donate, visit her website at:

Olga Diaz and Terra Lawson-Remer are fantastic and outstanding candidates running to unseat the Trump Republican incumbent in the County Supervisor District 3 election.

Our club members love both of these outstanding women. They both have strengths in this campaign, are incredibly passionate about their vision for a better county government, and both would be a far better County Supervisor than what residents in District 3 are currently stuck with. Neither candidate reached the threshold for an endorsement, so our club voted to rate them both Acceptable for the March 3rd Primary Election.

As an aside, perhaps there’s a perfect world where we could have a North Coastal and a North Inland Supervisor district where they could both serve together. Altruistic thinking? Of course. Redistricting is coming up, so we’ll see what happens.

In San Diego City Council District 1, again another embarrassment of riches with a number of amazing candidates. We want to thank Aaron Brennan,Harid “H” PuentesJoe LaCava, and Will Moore for offering some great thoughts on housing, transit, and their visions for a better San Diego. Ultimately, while no candidate received a majority of the votes, Joe LaCava and Will Moore combined for 80% of our club members’ support, and our club rated them both Acceptable.

Again, both candidates have strengths in this campaign for Council District 1, and we are excited to see how this race develops past the Primary Election.

In San Diego City Council District 7, club members heard from Raul CampilloSharon LariosMonty McIntyre, and Wendy Wheatcroft. Again, we want to thank all those candidates for offering some great thoughts on future developments, gun violence prevention, public safety, and housing. All are inspiring Democratic candidates in this race, and any of them would be a refreshing change (there’s a theme here) from the right-wing incumbent who currently occupies the seat.

There’s no doubt that this race will likely be a hotly contested. Despite being a district with a more “conservative” reputation given their 8-year-long history with a Republican incumbent, demographic changes have certainly put this seat in play. It’s an open seat, and we’d be remiss not to mention that Hillary Clinton won Council District 7 by over 20-points against Donald Trump.

That being said, Raul Campillo won our club’s endorsement with 65.9% of our club’s votes on the first round. For more information about Raul Campillo’s campaign and to sign-up to volunteer and/or donate, visit his website at:

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, September 19th — and we’ll be again starting at a special time: 6:30pm. The meeting will be at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest.