Club Issues Endorsements for Assembly Districts and City Council!

Democrats for Equality,

First off, shout out to Brandon Coopersmith and his husband Matt for bringing some delicious food for our meetings. It’s never easy to feed a large crowd of eager, hungry Democratic activists looking to defeat Trump and win, but they make the effort look effortless. It probably doesn’t get said enough, but thank you again!

Also, thank you also to our incredible club members and executive boardmembers for working overtime to pull everything together for our meetings. This is a team effort and again — it probably doesn’t get said enough — thank you for putting in the time to help make our club what it is.

You’re the absolute best and I love you all!

Last night’s marathon club meeting resulted in several more endorsements for the 2020 election cycle!

We are proud to have endorsed two of our amazing State Assemblymembers for re-election: Lorena Gonzalez and Brian Maienschein.

Lorena has proven during her time in Sacramento that she can not only shake up the status quo, but her progressive legislation can be game-changing and become the new normal. No matter the year, the legislative session, or any of the issues she brings forward, pundits have long underestimated her efforts and the impact she has made across California and the country is immeasurable.

Although we did not endorse (and actually worked against) Brian Maienschien last election cycle, he has proven himself as a master of constituent service, a successful, coalition-building legislator in his own right, and has demonstrated his ability to take the necessary votes when it counts. Dr. Shirley Weber’s use-of-force AB 392, and most recently Lorena Gonzalez’s gig-economy-reforming AB 5.

Our club members also voted to endorse progressive East County activist and Community Planning Boardmember Elizabeth Lavertu for State Assembly in District 71, which also extends up into Riverside County. For more information about Elizabeth’s campaign and to sign-up to volunteer and/or donate, visit her website at:

In reconsidering the Assembly District 78 race after a passionate discussion on the climate crisis, healthcare, and housing, club members made their choice in endorsing longtime club member (and former board member) Chris Ward.

Club members voted to postpone an endorsement consideration in the now-open Congressional District 53 race until our October meeting. Despite an incredible and distinguished crop of well-qualified candidates, there are other candidates who are currently announcing and formulating their candidacies. Despite the rush because of the California Democratic Party’s pre-endorsement conference coming up, club members felt that it was best to wait-and-see how the upcoming weeks play out.

Finally, club members voted to endorse Deputy City Attorney Marni Von Wilpert for San Diego City Council District 5. If you’re thinking, “why are we worried about District 5? It’s too Republican!” — than, that is where you would be wrong. Recently, District 5 flipped to the Democratic column in voter registration for the first time since… probably ever. Democrats now hold a plurality or a majority in voter registration in every single city council district.

There is an opportunity for a once-inconceivable dream of an 8-1 Democratic city council majority, and it could happen with flipping District 5. For more information about Marni Von Wilpert’s campaign and to sign-up to volunteer and/or donate, visit her website at:

Our next club meeting will be Thursday, October 17th — and we’ll be again starting at a special time: 6:30pm. The meeting will be at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest.


Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality