Club Committees Survey

Democrats for Equality,

I have been struggling to get this email out to you. First I started to write a letter about Las Vegas a tragedy so horrible it reminded me of the suffering of pulse and the country’s need for a reform in how we deal with guns and mental health.

Then, Chris Cate decided to admit that he potentially committed a crime leaking confidential information to developer friends.

I honestly don’t know where to start with all this but we have so much work to do, so we will start there. Now that we have a full board the San Diego Democrats for Equality will be implementing one of the planks that we have not been able to get to from our transformation task force in 2011: Committees!

This year we are calling on our members to volunteer and take hand in the leadership of the club by signing up for one of the club’s four new standing committees. Those committees are:

The Membership Development Committee which will focus on membership, events and club programs.

The Communications and Political Action Committee which will help steer the club’s political actions, organizing, outreach and communications.

The Admin Committee which will review the club’s bylaws, platform and questionnaire.

And the Finance Committee which will assist with our robust fundraising effort.

As President, it has been amazing watching as this club has become a force to be reckoned with. From promoting the interests of the LGBTQQIA community to standing firm in our commitment in support of Reproductive Justice, to becoming a leading voice in intersectional progressivism. We have done some amazing things. To get to the next level all we need is YOU!

Take the Club Committee survey and get involved! Let’s take our home club to the next level and BEYOND!

Finally, reminder that our monthly meeting is next week: Thursday, October 19 at Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest. Social time at 6:30pm, Meeting starts at 7:00pm.

As you can see from our Endorsement Calendar (below), we will be considering endorsements in:

  • Assembly District 71
  • Assembly District 76
  • Assembly District 80 (Friendly Incumbent)
  • Secretary of State (Friendly Incumbent)
  • State Controller (Friendly Incumbent)

Also, potential friendly incumbent endorsements will be considered (schedule dependent):

  • Congressional District 53
  • San Diego City Council District 4
  • San Diego Unified School District C

Finally, this month also marks the first of three club meetings where representatives from some of our competitive, non-incumbent statewide campaigns may address us. We will be taking up endorsement considerations for those campaigns at our January 2018 meeting.

In Solidarity.

Will Rodriguez-Kennedy
San Diego Democrats for Equality