Another Special Meeting + Deadline to Run for Office is Friday!

Democrats for Equality,

Thank you to everyone who participated in our special club meeting last weekend!

We had a number of things to consider endorsements on — and, despite some limitations on Zoom — we were able to get through everything as efficiently as possible.

Our club is the first Democratic organization to endorse the Homes for San Diegans housing bond that will be on the ballot this November. More information about the housing bond can be found here.

We also endorsed longtime club member George Gastil for Lemon Grove City Council. Of course, George joins Councilmember David Arambula and Mayor Racquel Vasquez who we have previously endorsed as our winning team for Lemon Grove.

For Chula Vista Elementary School Board, we endorsed Lucy Ugarte for Seat 2, and LGBTQ candidate Kate Bishop for Seat 4.

And for our North County endorsements, we endorsed Neil Kramer who is running for San Marcos City Council in District 4, and Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson who is running for Vallecitos Water Board in Division 5.

Congratulations again to all of our candidates! An updated list of our club’s 2020 endorsements can be found here.

Of course, I want to give a shout out and thank our club officers and executive board for helping make our meetings run as smoothly as they do.

So… on Saturday, I know I said we wouldn’t be meeting again in August — but, things change. Our executive board met this past weekend and decided that we would like to hold a special post-DNC meeting on Sunday, August 23rd at 2:00pm via Zoom. Save the date!

We will consider our club’s endorsement (and/or opposition) recommendations to the statewide ballot measures, and since there is an LGBTQ candidate running for the Spring Valley Planning Board, we will consider an endorsement in that race as well.

Also, we will hear a post-DNC report from our San Diego County Democratic Party Chair and recently elected DNC member Will Rodriguez-Kennedy.

This special August 23rd meeting will have just been days removed from the official nomination of our 2020 Presidential ticket.

You can register for the Sunday, August 23rd meeting here.

Finally, I do want to mention that this Friday, August 7th is the deadline to file paperwork to run for office.

Thankfully, we have had a number of LGBTQ candidates (and club members) step up and run for office in a number of areas throughout the county. Unfortunately, we have not yet identified anyone from our community who has stepped up to run in East County — and it’s the last area of the county where we do not have an LGBTQ elected official.

For example, Grossmont Healthcare District. It’s a public agency that supports health-related programs and services for East County’s Grossmont hospital.

There are 5 elected board members and an executive director. All Trump Republicans. Running a hospital. In the middle of a pandemic. Like, really? There are recipes for disaster that are less obvious.

Anyways… only using Grossmont as an example, and there are three seats up this year for their Healthcare District.

There are a number of other offices that have elections, so if you are interested in running let me know! If you are interested in running for a different office in East County, or for office in general, feel free to connect with me — believe it or not, I am somewhat competent at guiding candidates through this process!

Let me be your Obi-Wan. I will teach you the ways of The Force young padawans so that you may be trained to defeat the Empire!

This has been a tortured Star Wars reference. You’re welcome.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality