Additional Resource: LGBTQ Glossary of Terms

Democrats for Equality,

A couple weeks ago, we updated our club’s website to include a page for Transgender Resources and Guidelines — again, thanks to contributions from our executive boardmembers Dr. Andrea Cubitt and Shane Parmely.

Earlier this morning, I took the liberty and added another informational resource to our club’s website — an LGBTQ Glossary of Terms.

For many of the same reasons as before, so that we may use this as a learning opportunity for our club members, our candidates, our elected officials, and anyone else out there who may otherwise not be cognizant or learned about specific words and terms in reference to our LGBTQ community.

We all try our best to ensure that we recognize the beautiful spectrum that exists within our community. It may happen on occasion that we make a simple, honest mistake in not knowing the difference between demisexual and pansexual. Perhaps, an ally may not be aware of the significance behind the usage of pronouns in e-mail signatures (which, I probably should’ve included in these posts previously — but will do moving forward).

It doesn’t mean you are the worst person in the world for not knowing — but a better understanding and an education can only serve to not just increase our awareness, but make all of us better allies, friends, advocates, and family.

The glossary was compiled using resources from Lambda LegalThe Trevor Project, and UC San Diego’s LGBT Resource Center, and while the descriptions used are not textbook, universal definitions, we hope this resource can be used to help build a more comprehensive and thorough understanding of these terms.

If there are any terms you feel we might be missing and would like to see included, feel free to reach out and let us know.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco (he/him/his)
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality