2020 Endorsements

*Club endorsements are voted on by members of San Diego Democrats for Equality. They do not equal endorsements made by the county or state party. County and state party endorsements are made separately. “Qualified” ratings may be given to candidates who do not meet at least a 60% threshold of voting club members, however are deemed supportable by the club. “Unacceptable” ratings may be given in the event that the candidate has a poor position or record on one or more critical issues, and/or the candidate has demonstrated a lack of responsiveness or sensitivity to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.

*Candidates and elected officials seeking an endorsement from our club are expected to have and/or develop informed policies on intersectional LGBTQ, racial, and gender equality issues. You may find more resources on our website here.

Here is a printer-friendly version of our club’s endorsements for the 2020 Presidential Election.

NOVEMBER 3, 2020

U.S. President & Vice President

Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Also, for this contest, we have rated Donald Trump as UNACCEPTABLE

U.S. Congressional Districts

U.S. House, District 49: Mike Levin
U.S. House, District 50: Ammar Campa-Najjar
U.S. House, District 52: Scott Peters
U.S. House, District 53 (vote for 1): Georgette Gomez OR Sara Jacobs | For this contest, these candidates have been rated “qualified”

California State Senate

State Senate, District 39: Toni Atkins

California State Assembly

State Assembly, District 71: Elizabeth Lavertu
State Assembly, District 75: Kate Schwartz
State Assembly, District 76: Tasha Boerner Horvath
State Assembly, District 77: Brian Maienschein
State Assembly, District 78: Chris Ward
State Assembly, District 79: Dr. Shirley Weber
State Assembly, District 80: Lorena Gonzalez

Judicial Offices

Office 30: Tim Nader

San Diego County Offices

County Supervisor, District 1: Nora Vargas
County Supervisor, District 3: Terra Lawson-Remer

Local Educational Offices

County Board of Education, District 1: Gregg Robinson
County Board of Education, District 2: Guadalupe Gonzalez

San Diego Community College Board, District B: Bernie Rhinerson
San Diego Community College Board, District D: Mary Graham

Palomar Community College Board, District 2: Nina Deerfield

Southwestern Community College Board, District 3: Roberto Alcantar

San Diego Unified, District A: Sabrina Bazzo
San Diego Unified, District D: Richard Barrera
San Diego Unified, District E: No Endorsement

Chula Vista Elementary School Board, Seat 2: Lucy Ugarte
Chula Vista Elementary School Board, Seat 4: Kate Bishop

Vista Unified, Area 4: Cipriano Vargas

Local Municipal Offices

San Diego Mayor: Todd Gloria
San Diego City Attorney: Mara Elliott
San Diego City Council, District 1 (vote for 1): Joe LaCava OR Will Moore | For this contest, these candidates have been rated “qualified”
San Diego City Council, District 3: Stephen Whitburn
San Diego City Council, District 5: Marni Von Wilpert
San Diego City Council, District 7: Raul Campillo

Carlsbad City Council, District 2: Lela Panagides
Carlsbad City Council, District 4: Teresa Acosta

Chula Vista City Council, District 3: Steve Padilla
Chula Vista City Council, District 4: Andrea Cardenas

Encinitas Mayor: Catherine Blakespear

Escondido City Council, District 2: Vanessa Valenzuela
Escondido City Council, District 3: Don Greene
Escondido City Council, District 4: Andres Yañez

Imperial Beach City Council, District 2: Mark West

Lemon Grove Mayor: Racquel Vasquez
Lemon Grove City Council (vote for 2): David Arambula AND George Gastil

National City Council (vote for 2): Marcus Bush AND Jose Rodriguez

San Marcos City Council, District 4: Neil Kramer

Vista City Council, District 2: No Endorsement
Vista City Council, District 3: Katie Melendez

Local Special Districts

Helix Water Board, District 3: Mark Gracyk

Otay Water Board, Division 2: Mitch Thompson
Otay Water Board, Division 4: Jose Lopez | For this contest, we have rated Hector Gastelum as UNACCEPTABLE
Otay Water Board, Division 5: Nadia Kean-Ayub

Spring Valley Community Planning Board: Tiffany Gonzalez

Vallecitos Water Board, Division 5: Tiffany Boyd-Hodgson

Statewide Ballot Measures

(as recommended by the California Democratic Party)

Proposition 14: YES
Proposition 15: YES
Proposition 16: YES
Proposition 17: YES
Proposition 18: YES
Proposition 19: YES
Proposition 20: NO
Proposition 21: YES
Proposition 22: NO
Proposition 23: YES
Proposition 24: No Official Position
Proposition 25: YES

Local Ballot Measures

Measure A (City of San Diego): YES
Measure B (City of San Diego): YES
Measure C (San Diego Unified): YES
Measure D (San Diego Unified): YES
Measure E (City of San Diego): YES
Measure G (Carlsbad): NO
Measure H (Encinitas): YES
Measure I (Imperial Beach): YES
Measure J (Lemon Grove): YES
Measure K (Oceanside): YES
Measure M (Oceanside): YES
Measure N (Santee): YES
Measure Q (Santee): YES
Measure R (Santee): NO
Measure T (Cajon Valley Schools): YES
Measure V (La Mesa / Spring Valley Schools): YES
Measure W (Oceanside Schools): YES
Measure X (South Bay Schools): YES
Measure AA (Valley Center Fire District): YES