2 Club Meetings This Month! Oct. 17 & 24

Democrats for Equality,

Our next club meeting is this Thursday (Oct. 17), and we will have a meeting next Thursday (Oct. 24) as well. Both meetings will be held at 6:30pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center in Hillcrest.

Last month, we introduced proposed Bylaws language here including language for ranked-choice voting.

Our friends at the San Diego County Young Democrats and the San Diego County Democrats for Environmental Action have already embraced this style for their endorsement recommendations.

We have also included proposing to change the “Acceptable” rating moniker to “Qualified” much like the County Democratic Party did a couple of years ago.

“Unacceptable” is open to interpretation. Changing it to “Unqualified” I suppose works, but we could propose to change it to something much more… I dunno… negative, perhaps? “Reject” comes to mind. Let me know your thoughts.

For our club meeting this week, aside from voting to adopt ranked-choice voting, we will be considering endorsements for County Board of Education, and re-considering weighing a position in Congressional District 53.

We want to thank everyone who came out to our Democratic presidential town hall on LGBTQ issues last week! It was very well attended! Special shout out to our co-hosts HRC San Diego and the San Diego County Democratic Party!

Finally, some fairly significant political news occurred over the last week.

I swear this started off as a small news item, but I couldn’t stop typing out thoughts on this… so here goes…

Voice of San Diego reported that District Attorney Summer Stephan left the Republican Party. Which is great, I guess. Maybe.

As VOSD pointed out, the local Republican Party has been losing a prominent elected official every quarter of this year.

Although apparently, Summer Stephan has always been “independent” but had no problem accepting, promoting, and using the Republican Party’s endorsement to her benefit throughout the 2018 election. Summer Stephan had no problem using anti-Semitic tropes and memes against the campaign of our party’s endorsed candidate, Genevieve Jones-Wright.

Back in April, the San Diego Union-Tribune’s editorial board expressed disappointment in Stephan directing the District Attorney’s office to end-run around criminal justice reforms bills making their way through the legislature.

Our roster of local legislators have been leading efforts to pass criminal justice reform bills, none more notable than AB 392 by our own Dr. Shirley Weber.

Last month, Stephan expressed outrage over limited testing standards used to clear a back log of rape kits. Well-placed outrage mind you — she should be outraged! However, a backlog of 1,700 rape kits didn’t just become a flashpoint issue in September of 2019.

Seriously, where was this outrage over the backlog of rape kits during her “15 years of management and leadership experience” allegedly fighting sexual exploitation under Bonnie Dumanis’s tenure, and during her first two years as District Attorney?

Summer Stephan is no longer a Republican. That’s fine — she’s some sort of independent. However, her commitment to criminal justice reform is lackluster at best. Yes, she’s left Trump’s party behind — but, she certainly is not the gold standard of lifting up our party’s progressive values should she decide to circle the Democratic bubble next time she visits the DMV.

There is a reason our Democratic Party, our San Diego Democrats for Equality club, and so many of us proudly supported Genevieve Jones-Wright. We had her back.

The District Attorney is up for election again in 2022. There should be a Democratic candidate in that race, and it will be decided by a November electorate.

I love you all,

Ryan Trabuco
Club President
San Diego Democrats for Equality